Interested in working at Urban Roots Farm?

Great! You're in the right place. Urban Roots generally employs 1 full time Field Manager, accomadates 2 full time residential interns, and offers nearly unlimited opportunities for volunteers to get their hands in the dirt while gaining on farm experience. Below you will find descriptions and availability of these positions.

Apprenticeship/Internship (ONE position open)

At any given time Urban Roots Farm houses one or two full time apprenticeship or interns. The apprenticeship on the farm is an excellent way for folks who are interested in working in small scale agriculture to get hands on experience while building the practical knowledgebase required to operate a profitable produce farm. We make no claims to be a farm school, but instead offer them the opportunity to learn along side us through the daily challenges which are presented by a young farming endevour. Apprentice are selected through a competitive application process, and recieve room and board plus a small monthly stipend. Strong preference is given to those who can commit to a full year and intend to reside on the farm. Internships are less than a 6 months of commitment. We welcome students who are looking to complete required hours towards specific degrees. You can find more details here, and a link to the application by clicking here.

Volunteering (We love volunteers)

The motives of our volunteers vary widely, but since we began growing produce in 2010 we've always had lots of folks who just want to participate in farm work at their leisure.  Some folks just stop by when they find themselves with a couple hours to spare, and others come one two or three times per week on a more structured schedule. Any way you want to work it, we are always appreciative of the help, you are likely to learn something new everytime you come out, and you'll most often be sent home with some of the fruits (or vegetables) of you labor.

Employment (Currently Full)

Urban Roots Farm employs one Field Manager in a full time paid position. This individual is responsible for implementing agreed upon strategies on the ground level. They assist Farmer Mel in every aspect of day to day farming from managing volunteers and interns to operating farm machinery. They are expected to have a working knowledge of all facets of productive vegetable farming, and be confident in contributing to conversations about strategy and growing practices. They must be a self starter with a desire to make every work day productive, and be capable of properly prioritizing farming tasks. Simply put, our Field Manager is a farmer through and through. Click here to apply.