About Urban Roots

Urban Roots Farm is a four season urban vegetable farm located in downtown Springfield Missouri. Owners Adam and Melissa Millsap have worked this 1.7 acre farm since 2010 growing vegetables year round using natural and sustainable teqniques. 

We believe in growing vegetables for our community as naturally as possible. We eat the veggies we grow, and our children eat the veggies we grow, so we don't ever use synthetic chemicals. We want to live in a vibrant community, and we want this earth to remain a great place to live indefinitely, so we are always mindful of the impact our actions have on our community, and our environment.

Buying from local farmers supports your local economy. It keeps dollars circulating in your community, and allows people like us to make a living for our family while working a job we believe is important and which we love.

You can buy Urban Roots Produce through our CSA program which is like having a subscription to the farm, on Saturdays and Thursdays at our Farmers Market of the Ozarks stand, at Homegrown Food grocery store and by eating at restaraunts who use local produce like Gilardis.

Everytime you spend a dollar on produce from Urban Roots Farm, you are sending a message which says "I support a locally grown sustainable food system."

We are working hard for you and we truly appreciate your support.