• Time Does Fly

    Time Does Fly

    My my how the time does fly. It seems like yesterday, and long ago all at once that I posted the bird cam. Baby birds hatched and flew long ago, and the camera has yet to be setup on something new. 

    The extended spring weather has been lovely on the farm. The rain and sun cycle has been great for growing things (especially weeds).

    Today I am finishing up last weeks work of catching up in the Tomato house. It looks so far like this might be our best tomato year yet. The plants are tall and strong, and the bugs and worms are mostly leaving us alone so far (knock on wood). We prune the plants to a single leader in hopes of increasing the yield, size, and quality of the fruit. All of our plants are heirloom varietals, and the reward for the extra work required to grow these varieties is fantastically flavorful fruits.

    Life on the farm is good as usual, and as always we appreciate the support we recieve from our customers. This is the time of year when variety improves, and the yield becomes abundant, so be sure to check in with us to see what's coming into season!

  • Introducing the Farm Cam


     Spring has sprung and the Robins are laying! A little Robin laid her eggs in the basket of Mel's bike the other day. We set up a birdie cam to watch her progress. I guess there will be no bike rides fo a while.

    Be sure to check the farm cam often to see what's happening.

  • Potato Boxes!

    With the addition of our greenhouse living wall, we were left with a pretty ominous stack of salvage pallets on the farm. Rather than allowing them to suspiciously lurk around our compost pile a moment longer, we put ‘em to work! While they may not be much to look at now, these potato boxes are going to be bedazzling come summertime and well into fall.
    Generally, potato boxes are built a board upward at a time, being filled with dirt as the vine climbs up. That allows the grower to take off the bottom boards as time goes by and get a few potatoes here and there. Our plan, however, is to just let the potatoes do their thing, and come October, crack open the boxes and gather them up in one fell swoop.
    We’ve chosen Magic Molly as the inaugural variety for our boxes. Deep in both earthy flavor and purple hue, they will be a fun and tasty addition to any meal.   We’re very excited to have yet another new crop on the farm, and we can’t wait to get to share the harvest with you!

  • The Greenhouse's Latest Addition: A Living Wall

    The Greenhouse's Latest Addition: A Living Wall

    For awhile now, there's been rumor of a living wall soon finding its place on to the farm and this recent wave of cold temperatures has delivered just the motivation we needed to switch gears from the normal routine to a greenhouse project.  We came across this large pallet and knew that its grandness was simply too special to go to waste stacked in a pile for future use, so put it to use we did!  Though most pallet structured living walls we've seen are made with the majority of the boards positioned horizontally, this one filled the space better on it's side.  We made sure to face the wall south, which will allow the plants to soak up the most available sunlight, especially during these winter months.  Then, we used garden fabric and a staple gun to construct a place for soil. The peas were planted on  top with a layer left above them that they can fill as they climb.  The rest of the cells were filled with a variety of plants such as Creeping Thyme and Oregano that will look excellent cascading over the sides of their cells permanently, as well as other species such as lettuce and spinach that will potentially be harvested and their cells refilled.  We look forward to seeing the results of this expereiment with time and growth.  


  • Summer CSA Signup is live


    CSA sign up for 2014 summer season is now available. It's been quite a cold winter season, and we are so thankful for our winter members who stuck with us. Now it's time to plan for and look forward to warmer days. As we spend the coming days planting and planning for spring and summer crops we find ourselves very excited to see the faces (that's you) and veggies we have missed this past winter. 

    With the majority of the farms infrastructure now securely in place we are excited to take on new farm projects (think let's beautify this place!). We will also be trying out some interesting new veggies, like Artichokes, Parsnips, Cauliflower, BIG bell peppers, new tomato varieties, and the list goes on...... The upcoming season promises to be a great one. It will be fun to see these changes take place, and we would love for you to be part of it.
    All the details about this summers CSA can be found on our webpage. Simply navigate to www.UrbanRootsFarm.com , and click on the "CSA" tab. That's where you can signup, pay your deposit, and manage your account throughout the season. Alternately you can go straight to the signup page, by clicking here

    Tech troubles?
    No problem, we don't want you to miss out. Just give us a call @ 417-597-4858, and we'll help you get signed up.